Thursday, December 20, 2012

UInvest - Invest in Real Businesses and Projects

Investing online can be a very lucrative venture if you have the proper knowledge.  By learning the basics in online investment, as well as great techniques and methods, you will be able to earn a lot of money on online investment.

But just like other regular offline investment programs, there are risks involved in online investment.  You also have to determine those usual risks so that you will be able to make an educated decision on your online investments.  Knowing the additional risks involved on your chosen online investment program is also a good idea because it will give you an insight how risky the online investment you are about to enter.

But just because there are risks involved in online investment doesn't mean that you just have to accept those risks and join risky programs.  You have to know which programs you should enter and which ones you should avoid.  Because not all investment programs have the same height of risks, you want to know which online investment program has the least risks.  Investment programs that showproof of sustainability are your best bet.

Choosing a Sustainable Investment Program

It is not that easy to choose a reliable and sustainable onlineinvestment program because of various programs that are fraudulently claiming proofs that confirm their sustainability.  But you can still verify whether an online investment program is reliable and sustainable or not through some simple steps.
·         Search on the Internet
You can simply search on the Internet about the background of your chosen onlineinvestment program.  There are many monitoring sites, review sites and forum sites that you can gather information from.  You can determine whether an investment program is regularly and punctually paying their members through various forums and monitors that are reviewing such program sites.
You can also determine the source of income of various investment sites on monitoring sites that are assisting online investors in searching and choosing the best onlineinvestment programs on the Internet.
·         Proof Verification
You can verify the claims and proof of sustainability of an investment program through various offices where the programs are registered.  If an investment program is a registered firm on a government office, there is a greater chance that the investment program is sustainable and reliable.  You can contact the office where your chosen online investment program is registered and ask whether the company is still running.  You may also be able to ask the financial stability of the program if you are getting lucky.
By having physical contact information of your chosen investment program, such as office mailing address and telephone numbers, you will be able to verify the company more easily.
There are various ways on how you can determine whether an online investment program is sustainable and credible or not.  You can also determine the businesses that are backing up the investment program so you can determine the sustainability of the program.  Make sure that your preferred investment program is being sustainedby a stable and legitimate business, because this is the foundation of the whole program.

UInvest is an international online crowdfunding platform that connects private investors with businesses.  A team of UInvest professionals provides investors with decision-making tools and moderates projects by doing due diligence and monitoring their financials and distribution of funds.
With the rapidly growing community of over 50,000 members, UInvest has created a global share exchange.  A recently launched UInvest project - Global UInvest Network - allows qualified UInvestors to become affiliates and earn money from referring businesses that seek funding.
UInvest is a place where you can become a co-owner of a business.  UInvest is a marketplace where business owners and investors meet each other.  You can buy shares of enterprises and get dividends on a monthly basis.  You can trade your shares with other investors, buy or sell them in real time like on a stock exchange.
UInvest acts as an intermediary between investors and business owners.
UInvest is an investment marketplace that is backed up by legitimate and sustainable businesses that are found in Europe.  The company is also a registered firm, which shows the legitimacy of the entire program. You can easily look at the site’s business partners to learn more about the sustainability of UInvest.  You can also verify the proof of the company’s registration on the respective offices where the program is registered.
There is also a chat feature on UInvest’s site, where you can ask guests and members on how the program is performing.  This will give you a quick insight on what the program does and what it can do for you.